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Creating fresh designs is hard work - a lot of sketching and doodling goes into the process before even a rough design is created. Sadly most tutorials today skip over this crucial part - all the messy work is done off-camera, before filming, so that the video looks clean, polished and easy to follow. Unfortunately, this method discourages students who can’t replicate the results in the video as flawlessly. Gone are all the mistakes, dead-ends and redoes that lead up to the first rough draft. The problem is that these early doodles and sketches are the most creative part of the process. Our videos focus on the most creative parts of the process - so you can watch and learn the most important part!

To ensure you’re seeing the most creative part of the process we make the artists do all their sketching and doolding on video. Whenever the artist is drawing a new design you can see sure that absolutley no skethcing was done off-screen.

Take a look at some of the exploration Oscar J. Vargas did on his title character Edward Crow for his tutorial - an animated television show “The Crow’s Nest”.

As you can see, a ton of exploration is what allows us to get to the final stage of the process.

When our artists give us good designs - we push them to make them great! Take a look at the Dane Romley’s design below for Moriarty. His beautiful crocodile design in tailored white suit is great took a great deal of effort to get right. But, even with all the hard work and many revisions, we still felt it was too tame. We pushed Dane to reach deep inside his brain to create something more sinister, more evil and more importantly, more unique.

The extra work pays off - the final result is outstanding! It’s so good, you can’t image Moriarity being anthing else but a boar!

Masters Of Anatomy 2020