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Complete Edition 7.5


Masters Of Anatomy: (Book 7.5) The Complete Edition

New for 2024, the Complete Edition (Book 7.5) is your chance to own all five of our anatomy books inside one massive volume! The previous version of this book (Book 7, 2020) has been up-dated to include Book 9: Weapons Poses. This volume now contains 5 books (click the links below to find out more info):


This massive collection is full of incredible work from over 130 artists like:

Almost all of our artists have worked for years inside studios like Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, Marvel and D.C. Comics. You get over 7000 thousand images at an unbeatable price! Perfect for people who have been hunting around online for our older books. If you prefer to own physical books, then this is your chance!

QUESTION: Is it 5 separate books inside a sleeve? No, you are getting one massive volume that contains all 5 books printed inside. Book 7.5 now includes Weapons Poses.

QUESTION: How many pages is the new Complete Edition 7.5? It's almost 900 pages. Book 7.5: The Complete Edition will contain ALL the content of the previous 5 books.

A Bigger, Better Book 3!

Book 3: Anatomy In Action, has been updated with over 50% new content. We've taken one of our best selling books and updated it for the new decade! We've carefully examined each image in the last book and kept only the best 50% of images. Over 800 new images have been added to make this book even more valuable!


* available only as part of the COMPLETE EDITION! This updated "Anatomy In Action" cannot be purchased in any format as a standalone book.


What Our Fans Are Saying

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Masters Of Anatomy books!

Lee, Turner

Got my Anatomy in Action book yesterday. My mind is blown by how great it is! This and the original MOA book are my two favorite art books!

Tobi Braymore

....learning so much from this incredible series. Thanks to the whole team for making these books!

Linda, DeWolfe

One of the best investments I've ever made. These books offer a wealth of knowledge.

Ross Holmes

Anatomy In Action is simply the best pose book I've ever seen. So many great poses to learn from.

John Karios

My daughter loves her Drawing Animals Book. Thanks so much for making this!

Cheryl Molina

Simply Amazing! The amount of art work in the book is incredible!

Joseph Helmers

All my favorite artists like Adam Hugues and Joe Mad in one place! Awesome!

Edward Carnes

I couldn't be happier with the end result. Great job for the whole team. I'm a backer for life!

Tyler Pereira

Backed this the second I saw it! Such a cool idea!

Mark David

I've been waiting for a series that features art instruction by my favorite artists. Your books give me, more than a few of them - literally over 100!

Sheena Andersen

So excited to get my books, I've been a backer for years - I love supporting you guys!

Billie Renaud

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