A must have video for artists interested in creating epic amounts of destruction in a well organized layout. Learn about primary/secondary staging and how to layer foreground, mid-ground, background and deep background elements to create a pleasing composition. Add excitement to your scene by using “Dutch Angles”, multi-point perspective, crowds and even debris. The entire scene is created from scratch. Every layout and design decision is captured on film so you miss nothing!


The entire scene above is created from scratch on video with no pre-planning. You get to see every decision in real-time!


• Planning and layout of the entire scene

• Sketching and inking of all main characters

• Sketching and inking of all background elements (crowds, buildings, trees)

• Coloring demonstration


Includes all the files used in the video in high-resolution.


Duration: tbd


Format: HD 1920 x 1080 (mp4 files)

High Resolution Files Included!

Artist Gallery

Masters Of Anatomy 2020