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Get your copy of our fifth book, Drawing Animals: The Complete Guide!

This enormous book is divided into 5 key subjects, covering both realistic and cartoon animals. Whether you are creating comic books, graphic novels or illustrations, you'll find this volume to be an invaluable source of drawing information.


Unlike most animal drawing books, the goal of this book is to show you how to create an entire ANIMAL WORLD where the drawings are consistent and cohesive. It's perfect for comic book artists, graphic novelists, animators and cartoonists looking to flesh out their universe with incredible animal art.

Section One: Realistic Animals

This section deals with creating animals that feel life-like and alive using the LEAST LINES POSSIBLE. As a comic book/graphic novelist/animator, you don't have 20 hours to work on 1 drawing, you have 20 minutes. This section shows you how to make the most effective use of each stroke to achieve a highly photo-realistic result.


Section Two: Cartoon Animals (with clothes)

Learn how to draw anthropomorphic animals that feel like they belong in their clothing. Here you'll learn how to draw custom-made clothing that fits those oddly-shaped legs, tails and heads!


Section Three: Cartoon Animals (without clothes, standing)

Perfect for Pixar and Disney enthusiasts wanting to create naked animals that stand on 2 feet (like humans). Learn what cartoon animals look like underneath all the fancy clothing. A great opportunity to study the underlying anatomy.


Section Four: Cartoon Animals (without clothes, all fours)

Learn how to create cartoon animals that walk on all fours - perfect for those artists who want to keep a more animalistic approach to their work.


Section Five: Anatomy Model Sheets

Do you struggle with side views and back views? Well, struggle no more - we got the solution!

The absolute best way to learn how these animals are constructed is see them posed front/side/back in neutral positions. It's the only way to make clear observations about how to deform their bodies. Perfect for 3D modelers!


Section Six: Pose Book Integration

It finally comes together - OUR MASTER PLAN! Learn how our last 2 Kickstarter books (Anatomy In Action & Female Action Poses) can help take your drawings to the highest level ever! With almost 4000 images to choose from, you'll never run out of poses!

We show you how to utilize these human poses while observing the unique anatomy of different types of animal bodies!