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Fighting Poses

It's finally here! Our biggest and most exciting book ever!

The latest edition to our anatomy series, Fighting Poses, features over 2600 unique images - each one carefully designed to show you the most popular poses used by artists working today!

If you are a serious artist working in comic books, animation or game design then this book is a must have item. Designed to break even the toughest artist blocks and inspire you to create fresh exciting action in your panels. Imagine how much easier your life could be having thousand of images at your finger tips.

This Book is a powerful recipe for quickly creating amazing action poses or even sequences. Until now, there has never been an anatomy book dedicated to only fighting. We present the art in a clear accessible style to allow you to easily and quick add your stylist changes.

This book is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants a job in comics, animation or game design!

Tons of Fighting Techniques

This book will cover a wide range of techniques including MMA, Boxing, Stage Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Self-Defense including martial arts like Karate, Judo, Tae Kwan Do and Krav Maga. Not to mention traditional Comic Book Brawling!


One of the key goals of this book is to illustrate every kind of attack, counter-attack and defense using as many parts of the body as possible. You're going to see hundreds of excting and dynamic examples of:

  • kicks

  • punches

  • elbows

  • knees

  • head-butts

  • tackles

  • parries

  • deviations

  • attack-stances

  • guard-stances

  • ready-stances

  • dodges

  • falls

  • body impacts

  • throws

  • submissions

  • combinations

  • ground-and-pound

Use Our Images for Inspiration!

Our poses are perfect for helping you jump-start your own final images. With thousands of images to choose from, inspiration is only arm's length away. Take a look at some great examples by a few of our artists:


Zheng Qu

Jordi Villaverde

Thibault LeClercq

Eduardo Vieira

Gina Nguyen

Simone Grünewald

Quickly re-position poses!

Our book makes it easy to quickly re-arrange images to create unique compositions. You can reposition the characters within a particular, or you can swap them with characters from other sets. You can even borrow images from our first two pose books (Anatomy In Action, Female Action Poses).


Don't miss out!

This is the largest book we've ever made containing over 2600 unique images! Don't miss out on your chance to learn how to improve your fighting poses!

Masters Of Anatomy 2020