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*available as an eBook!

Masters Of Anatomy: Book 2 & 3

Thanks to the generous support of the Kickstarter community we raised over $ 265,000 for our Masters Of Anatomy: BOOK 2 & BOOK 3 Kickstarter. This time you'll get even more value for your hard-earned dollar!

*mock-covers shown here for advertising purposes.


Anatomy In Action

During our first Kickstarter we received over a hundred requests for a book about dynamic anatomy; so we knew we had to something very special. This follow up to our anatomy series has over 550 final images and over 1300 rough images. It is the most comprehensive and beautiful collection of action anatomy ever produced.

Our goal was to create a must have item for artists interested in comic books, graphic novels, and game design. That meant finding one of the best artist in the world at creating these types of images. So, we put our heads together and came up with a list of artists we felt were the best at doing that. Only five names came up. The entire survival of this project rested entirely on convincing some of these 5 incredible artists to devote a year of their life to making this book for us!

This book contains exactly the kind of imagery we were looking for - bold, electric poses coupled with realistic anatomy. We did not want work heavy with shading, cross hatching and obscure detail. The art had to be as clean and light as air - the perfect type of imagery to learn from. The end result is a massive volume that contains hundreds of the most popular action poses used today - all redesigned to look more modern, accurate and dynamic than ever before.


Create Your Own Poses!

Have fun creating your own interesting poses by stitching together various roughs. It's the perfect way to experiment to find something new and unique. For many artists the roughs will be the meat-and-potatoes of the book. The highly dynamic roughs offer lots of possibilities without heavy stylistic influence.

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