Book 6 & 7 Updates 

(updated May 6th, 2021)

We sent address confirmation emails on Monday, April 26th (PayPal buyers only). If you didn't get one let us know. They were sent to your PayPal email addresses.

Once the books ship (any week now), PayPal & Kickstarter backers will be sent two more emails. The first email will be a general newsletter letting everyone know the books have arrived in our warehouse and will be shipping in a few days time. The second email will be sent once your package actually ships - it will contain a tracking number.

PLEASE NOTE: The below schedule may be affected by port congestion or Customs delays. We will keep you updated here once we receive news of our shipments arrival at the US shipping port. From there, the books must clear customs and be trucked over to our warehouse.


Loading of books on ship at China Port: March 8th

Ship leaves China: March 20th

Books arrive at US Port (Chicago): ANY DAY NOW - we will keep you updated here when they arrive

Books clear US Customs: typically 3-7 days (3 weeks in the worst possible case if there is a problem).

Books arrive at our warehouse in Carol Stream: within 1-2 days of clearing US Customs.

Shipping to customers: within 5 days of arriving in our warehouse.

Tracking Numbers: will go out 2-3 days after ALL books have shipped to our backers/customers.

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