Welcome Table-Top Fans!

Welcome to the Miniature Painting Masters video series. Here you will learn the secrets of the world's best miniature painters!


We have partnered up with 4 of the best painters in the industry. Each one will paint 12 different miniatures to their highest level of quality. Then you, the backers, will choose 24 miniatures for us to paint on camera (6 models from each painter). This gives you the opportunity to select only the very best work from each painter!

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! This series is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Our goal is to help you quickly improve your skills by building upon each subsequent lesson. Each video will introduce new skills and techniques to help you quickly master the art of miniature painting. By end of the series - you will be a miniature painting GOD!

All 48 miniatures have been carefully selected to demonstrate a wide variety of learning techniques. We include male and female characters, humans and monsters, fantasy and sci-fi.

The following is a list of miniatures we've selected for each painter. (Disclaimer: This list may be subject to change. We do not claim ownership of any character or image used. Copyrights belong to their respective owners.)

We've partnered up with 4 of the MOST FAMOUS painters in the industry. Each one of them has won multiple awards for their work and each of them have over 15,000 followers across social media.

If you want to keep up to date with the painting progress follow them now! They will be posting their progress on their 12 miniatures here!

Rodrigo Cipres - follow him on INSTAGRAM

Robert Karlsson - follow him on FACEBOOK

Arnau Lazaro - follow him on INSTAGRAM

David Arroba - follow him on INSTAGRAM

Below are some examples of the INCREDIBLE WORK they have done over the years! And guess what... they are even better TODAY!!!

Once the Kickstarter is funded ($75,000) our painters will begin painting up their miniatures. Over the 60 days of the Kickstarter, each of them will paint 4-5 miniatures from their list of 12.

All 12 miniatures will be fully painted by the end of July 2021. Once all 48 miniatures are painted, backers will have 7 days to vote for their favorites.

Filming with our first artist will begin in August 2021. Each Artist will film for 15-20 days. Once filming is done, the edited video bundle will be available within 3 weeks.

There are 4 video bundles - each video bundle will be released approximately 2 months apart. The first video bundle will be available in September 2021 (see schedule below).

A two-month gap between video bundles gives us ample time to film and edit - and it gives you the backer time to watch each bundle.


Typical miniature painting videos (You-Tube/Patreon/Twitch) use consumer camcorders which highly compress the video files. Those files are compressed again when uploaded to platforms like YouTube, suffering a DOUBLE HIT to their quality.

Our videos will be captured in super high quality 8K video using professional broadcast/film equipment. This allows us to retain 5 - 10 times more information per-frame than typical camcorders used on YouTube/Patreon/Twitch.

DOWNLOADABLE FILES - That's right! Once the videos are edited you'll be given a link to download the files. That means NO DOUBLE HIT to the image quality - and no shipping delays!!!

The "K" in "8K" stands for "thousand". It refers to the number of horizonal pixels in one frame of video. 8K has approximately 8000 horizonal pixels! 

Why Shoot in 8K?

Before we explain why we are shooting in 8K, you need to understand how most people view their video content online. Most people own computer monitors with HD or less resolution (1920 x 1080 resolution). Only 2% of people own a 4K monitor - even less have an 8K monitor.

Lost yet? Don't worry - this concept can be a bit confusing to most people. You are probably wondering - "If the majority of monitors can't support 8K or even 4K, then why shoot in these super-high resolution formats? Is it a gimmick?"

No, it's not a gimmick! The millions of extra pixels in 8K give us 2 major advantages:


8K cameras produces INCREDIBLE VIDEO QUALITY - even when viewed on a HD 1080p monitor. This is the format Hollywood movies are shot in. NOTHING comes close!


For miniature painting videos, the real advantage is what we can do with the footage AFTER we have recorded it. We have MILLIONS of extra pixels we can zoom-in or pan around. 

Basically, we can get closer to the miniature than ever before! No more craning your neck and squinting your eyes to see what the painter is doing!

We are the people behind Master Of Anatomy - a publishing company that creates art books with artists from Disney, Pixar, Sony Animation, Marvel and DC Comics.

We've worked with some of the world's best artists like Adam Hughes, Joe Madureira, J. Scott Campbell, Kim Jung Gi, Adam Hughes, Loish, Humberto Ramos, Pascal Campion and Derek Laufmann.

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